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10 tips to help your child stay interested in learning outside of day care

Even if you have your child in a day-care facility multiple days during the week, children will spend a majority of their week at home with a parent or guardian. It is important to continue to stimulate your child’s interest in learning and interaction while they are away from the day care facility and can lead to increased success in day care and beyond. The following are some helpful ideas for activities you can participate in with your child outside of day care to help them continue to their thirst for learning.

  1. Encourage a love of reading by setting aside regular reading time and providing access to a wide variety of books.

  2. Use hands-on activities, such as puzzles and building projects, to teach math and science concepts.

  3. Incorporate art and music into your child's education to foster creativity and self-expression.

  4. Take field trips and go on nature walks to promote learning about the world around them.

  5. Use technology, such as educational apps and online resources, to supplement traditional teaching methods.

  6. Use games and play-based learning to make learning fun and engaging.

  7. Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving by asking open-ended questions and encouraging children to come up with their own solutions.

  8. Incorporate real-life examples and relate education to the child's environment and interests.

  9. Teaching a second language to children can be very beneficial.

  10. Encourage children to be curious and ask questions.

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