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Diverse Learning Environments



In our preschool program, we embrace a warm, nurturing approach designed to enhance children's confidence, creativity, and critical thinking abilities. Through delightful, hands-on projects, we gently guide our little ones, emphasizing the importance of building resilience. Our goal is to prepare them for life's challenges by nurturing their social-emotional learning skills, all rooted in the caring foundation of the Creative Curriculum and curriculum from FunShine Express.


The GOLD Assessment seamlessly integrates into our instructional methods, becoming a natural part of our interactions with children. Through everyday classroom activities, we capture precious moments – notes, photos, videos, and digital samples of our little ones' work – making these observations authentic, objective, and easily remembered. These insights not only enrich our teaching practices but also help us tailor our nurturing approach to each child's unique needs. Through the natural flow of classroom activities, we lovingly conduct formative assessments.

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In our kindergarten program, we foster an atmosphere where young minds are encouraged to bloom. We lovingly guide our kindergarteners to think critically, solve problems, and connect ideas. Through the joy of investigation, discovery, and play, they acquire vital skills. We recognize the importance of nurturing resilience in these young learners, supporting their social-emotional growth with the gentle guidance of the Creative Curriculum, and curriculum from FunShine Express.


Our assessment model, GOLD, is designed to support our nurturing approach. Aligned with widely accepted expectations for children from birth to third grade, GOLD facilitates a holistic assessment process. We, as caregivers, are guided by color-coded progressions, allowing us to select and adapt activities that support each child's development. The insightful reports we generate not only inform our classroom practices but also guide our personalized instruction, ensuring each child receives the individual attention they deserve.

School Age


At Step with Purpose, we extend our nurturing care into the elementary school years. We understand that children, from birth to age 8, thrive best with consistent support and love. Our commitment to continuity is unwavering; it informs our instruction, involves families, and drives positive outcomes for our school-age children up to 13 years old. Our nurturing approach, inspired by the comprehensive Creative Curriculum and curriculum from FunShine Express, continues to be the guiding light in their educational journey.



Our assessment framework, crafted with love and consideration, covers essential areas vital for children's success. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of both English- and dual-language learners, our dedicated objectives ensure a thorough assessment approach. Through this nurturing process, we support the unique needs of each student, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence as they learn and grow.

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