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Fun & Creativity

At Step With Purpose, we tenderly nurture children aged 2.5 to 3 years, fostering their imaginative spirits and creativity. Through an array of blocks, block accessories, ramps, and large building materials, our little ones embark on journeys of self-expression, accompanied by story play props. We offer a plethora of fine and gross motor games and supplies, all designed to unfurl endless opportunities for exploration in the hearts of our tiniest learners.


Our guiding principle is to gently encourage and inspire children to engage when they feel most at ease. Above all, we strive to make learning a joyful and inviting experience for children of all ages. It's our heartfelt wish that both our children and their families share our enthusiasm for our program.

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model
Image by Josh Applegate

For children aged 3 to 5, we follow a theme-based curriculum inspired by the nurturing principles of Funshine Express. In this nurturing atmosphere, we integrate literacy, math, the arts, STEM, global citizenship, and sustainability education into our program. Beyond the materials available in our interest areas, we employ the Project-Based Learning Approach.


The PBL Approach is built upon the foundation of children's curiosity, enabling them to interact, question, make connections, employ critical thinking skills, communicate, reflect, and solve problems. We aspire to create an environment where children play with purpose, discover, create, explore, grow, and are celebrated for their unique journeys.

Indoor Activities

At Step With Purpose, we nurture the creative expression of our little ones, guiding them to use their senses to craft, represent, and convey their ideas through various art media. Our young artists dive into a world of sand trays, rake and textured rolling pins, chalk, chalk spinners, weaving walls, and a treasure trove of other materials, each designed to spark their creativity.


We encourage boundless imagination and play experiences, allowing our children to delve into different roles and scenarios while connecting these playful moments to their everyday lives. They do so with the help of textured bowls, silk scarves, a diverse array of play dolls, wooden clothespins, and a myriad of handcrafted elements, fostering a rich tapestry of imaginative exploration.

Kids Playing with Lego

Outdoor Activities

Egg Hunting

Our children relish the great outdoors, where they revel in the sheer joy of running, jumping, climbing, playing, and exploring. We wholeheartedly support and champion their health and well-being by curating a world of unique outdoor activities. This includes engaging elements like ramps, funnels, balance scales, pails, scoops, and wooden balls, all designed to encourage their natural exuberance.


We present our children with boundless opportunities to engage in activities that involve filling, dumping, mixing, sifting, sorting, and combining. This is made possible with a delightful array of special tools, featuring a funnel stand, a wooden sorting tower, and a diverse selection of sifting, mixing, and sorting instruments.


Our program is deeply rooted in research and boasts a track record of proven success. Most importantly, it cultivates a sense of wonder and confidence in our children. Witnessing their joyful discoveries and flourishing as they grasp new concepts is a source of immense pride and delight for us.

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