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Fun & Creativity

For children ages 2.5 to 3 years old, they will use their imagination and creativity to plan, and create using a variety of blocks, block accessories, ramps large building accessories and story play props. We have many fine and gross motor games and supplies available to open endless exploration for the youngest learners at our center.

We aim to facilitate and motivate our children to participate when they feel most comfortable. Most importantly, our goal is to make learning fun and non-intimidating for all ages. It is our hope that both our children and our families will be as enthusiastic as we are about our program.

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model
Image by Josh Applegate

For ages 3 to 5 years old, we use a theme based curriculum implementing the teaching strategies from Creative Curriculum. Literacy, math, the arts, STEM, global citizenship, sustainability education are all part of our program. In addition to the materials in the interest areas, we also use the Project-Based Learning Approach.

The PBL Approach builds on children's curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, use critical thinking skills, communicate, reflect and problem-solve. It is our desire to facilitate an environment where children can play with the purpose, discover, create, explore, develop and can be celebrated!

Indoor Activities

We foster our young children's creative expression and use their sense to create, represent and express their ideas in visual form with a variety of art media, such as sand trays, rake and textured rolling pins, chalk, chalk spinners and weaving walls and many more.

We inspire imagination and play experience in which our children explore roles and various scenarios, and make connections to moments in their everyday lives with textured bowls, silk scarves, a diverse collection of play dolls, wooden clothespins and other handcrafted parts.

Kids Playing with Lego

Outdoor Activities

Egg Hunting

Our children love to run, jump, climb, play and explore in the outdoors. We encourage and promote their health and well-being with unique outdoor activities, such as ramps, funnels, balance scales, pails, scoops, and wooden balls.

We provide our children with endless opportunities to fill, dump, mix, sift, sort, and combine with a variety of special tools, including a funnel stand; a wooden sorting tower and a variety of sifting, mixing, and sorting tools.

Our program is research based and proven to be successful. It also create a sense of wonder and confidence in our children and we love to see them discover new concepts and flourish.

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